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Exterior and Interior

In the area of Exterior and Interior we are able to model
and visualise ever y conceivable component from Concept to
the Finished Product.
With regard to Integration and Packaging we are able, in
advance, to analyse with the Designers and Engineers the
effective use of “carry-over” parts or data to produce an
efficient end product.
• Steering Wheels
• Door Trims
• Instrument Panels
• Seats
• Exterior Mirrors
• Diverse Road Wheels programmes
• Lighting (Jewels) Exterior and Interior
• Accessories (Personalised Components)

other design projects

Outside of the World of Automotive Mass
Production we have completed studies for
a Multifunction’s Caravan/Truck as well as
conventional Industrial Design modelling
In 2006 and 2007 we participated in the
Design and Manufacturing support of
the Mc-Laren Formula 1 Paddock (Motor
Home) inclusive the functions furnishings
within. Together with independent
Designers we were able to supply Mc-Laren
Management, Designers and Manufacturers
with the appropriate 3-D Data.



We are looking for car designers who want to reinvent the car for the future. A brand is being reshaped. With state-of-the-art technology, the ideas are presented in one of the most modern VR centers in Europe. Please send applications to


By many of our Projects it has been
possible to develop and realise a Product
from Concept to finished Part.
A direct communication with the Designer
enables us to support and advise him at
every step to realise his Design Intentions.
We intend to perfect and intensify the wok
flow process on ongoing tasks.
• Steering Wheels
• Door Trims
• Instrument Panels
• Seats
• Exterior Mirrors
• Diverse Road Wheels programmes

Naturally it is possible, with our own
“in-house” Designers, to develop
our Customers Wishes from Concept to
Our goal is always to create first class
3-D models that satisfy all aspects of
Industrial demands and to further
develop methods beyond this.